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Stevan Kragujević /born in Senta, Serbia, in 1922 – died in Belgrade in 2002/, one of the Serbian most distinguished photo reporters. For almost six decades he dealt with a photograph. He began in a small photo studio in his home town, then moved to Belgrade where he started to work for a News Agency Tanjug. He worked as a photo reporter in Politika for three decades until his retirement. He was a photograph of Josip Broz Tito. His wife, who supported him over six decades of their mutual life, was Lepa /Stojkov/ Kragujević from Senta, where she completed a High Film School in the class of the professor Vjekoslav Afrić. Since 1949 she has been working as a radio speaker in the Radio Belgrade. Their daughter Tanja inherited a talent for art, but she explored other artistic calls she successfully experienced. She is married to Vasilije Vujić from Senta, who works as a professor in the High School in Zemun. He comes from a famous family of Joca Vujić, known for his generous donations.

Tanja Kragujević /born in Senta, Serbia, in 1946/ a poetess and essayist of the younger generation of Serb writers; pblished seventeen volumes of collected poems and seven volumes of essays dedicated to the most renowned Serbian and world wide poets. In addition to her literary work, Tanja Kragujević has been working over fifteen years in a pu blishing business as a successful editor (Narodna knjiga , Agora …). She is a member of the Jury of the “Dis Literature Reward ”.

Tanja Kragujević, a poetess, raises her poetry to the “Deity level ” and “follows the rhythm of a heart beating for a culture ”, stating that she finds the inspiration for poems in the very surrounding , hearing the wonderful temptations of a life itself, gaining the strength to admit to the poem “that by being alive – she already endures the incredi ble colliding force of all forms of reality in the very core of her ancient and everyday contemplations and words – she is already the accomplishment and the wisdom. She is that fuel poured in the lamp that gives an inward light, like the old forgotten lantern. She just needs to be protected in order to be what she has already been lighting.


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