Belgrade through the Centuries /XVIXX century/

online edition of permanent exhibition of the Historical Archives of Belgrade


Historical Archives of Belgrade in 2003 opened the permanent exhibition named “Belgrade through the Centuries XVI-XX century- Belgrade Ad Acta”. The goal of the exhibition was to present the history of Belgrade, a city where throughout five centuries, influences of great forces and various cultures interlaced like in a hive of political turbulences and dramatically significant events invisibly connected in an organic integrity of deep roots and persistence. In the occasion of celebrating 70 years from the establishment of the Historical Archives of Belgrade we wish to make our rich fonds and collections globally accessible and to bring closer to the public and to all interested citizens the most valuable documents preserved in the Archives.

The most valuable and most attractive documents are grouped in thematic and chronological chapters. The exhibition is divided in eight chapters starting with the oldest document “Dialogue of the Turks and the Christians” from 16th century which opens the first chapter – “Between a Crescent and a Cross” to the last chapter “Between a Sickle and a Cross”, and it is organized as a labyrinth of space and time. This organization provides to the visitor possibility to explore and get familiar with the history of the city and its identity built on the symbolical encounter of diverse civilizations.

In the first decade of 21st century, the Archives has received significant archival material produced by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Belgrade municipalities, BITEF and BEMUS and Land registers of the Fourth Municipal Court. In the last years it is especially significant and numerous archival materials received from individuals: politicians, scientists and artists. Among them individuals who stand out are Jovan Cirilov, Ivan Djuric, Jelena Santic, Miroljub Todorovic, Milorad Miskovic, Nebojsa Popov, Kosta St. Pavlovic, Olga Popovic Obradovic, Stevan i Tanja Kragujevic… Exactly this material has completed the exhibition with so far not seen rarities: the Book of received mail of General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic from 1943-44, letters of prince Pavle from the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, a copy of war edition of “Jama”, a book written by Ivan Goran Kovacic, and valuable decorations – Order of Freedom, Order of the War Flag and Order of Partisan Star with Golden Wreath of 1st class.

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