World War II - Occupational authorities


In the night between April 11 and 12 of 1941, together with a Greater German regiment and the Eleventh Armored Division, the reconnaissance departments of the second SS divisions of the Reich entered and occupied the city of Belgrade in the early morning hours.

On April 14, the Intelligence Group of the First Defense Department (Ast) entered the city, going under the secret name of Reconnaissance Center of the Armed Forces together with the operative units. The intelligence group, as the executive body, was monitored by Secret Military Police (GFP), of which the 20th group positioned itself permanently in Belgrade.

Two days prior to the military intelligence units, the Reich’s Main Security Bureau (RSHA) arrived in the city, an Activity Group – Security Service and Police Security (SD – SIPO), as well as departments of the Secret State Police (GESTAPO).

The act of the capitulation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was signed on April 17. The headquarters of the military commander for Serbia was formed in Belgrade on April 22, headed by Military Air Force general Helmut Förster, who was in charge of order and peace on the occupied territory and of the organization and control of the collaborating civilian administration. In the army headquarters a civilian governor was appointed who was directly subordinated to Förster and the state councilor Dr. Harald Turner.


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