The Supreme Headquarters of the National Liberation Army (NOV) and the partisan units of Yugoslavia ordered that the command of the city of Belgrade was to take over all military and administrative operations. General-mayor Ljubodrag N. Djuric was appointed city commander. On October 17, he issued a proclamation for the citizens of Belgrade, informing them of the government takeover and of the need to organize everyday life and normal work operations in the city as soon as possible.

All over the city, the consequences of the Nazi bombardment of 1941, the allied bombardment of 1944, massive destruction which the Germans left in their wake during their retreat and the destruction caused by the liberation battles were more than evident. One third of the buildings in Belgrade were destroyed or heavily damaged. The public utility services, city transport, industrial companies, hospitals, cultural and scientific institutions and schools had suffered massive destruction.

Reconstruction priorities were vital public utility facilities, traffic and power-distribution section repairs and the normalization of everyday life.


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