Dragoslav Draža Marković archives


Dragoslav Draža Marković /born 1920 in Popović, Sopot,died 2005 in Belgrade/. Joined the communist movement asa high school student. Arrested by the Special Police. Hewas a member of the Kosmaj Partisan Detachment duringthe National Liberation War. After the liberation heheld many high ranking political and state offices. He wasa secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CommunistParty of Serbia, minister in the Government of Serbia,president of the Assembly of Serbia, the ambassador ofYugoslavia in Bulgaria, 1963, member of the Presidencyof SFR of Yugoslavia, president of the Presidency of SRSerbia, 1974-1978, president of the Federal Assembly ofSFR Yugoslavia, 1978-1982, president of the Presidencyof Central Committee of the Union of Communists ofYugoslavia, 1983-1984. He retired in 1986.

Božidarka Kika Damjanović Marković /born 1920in Mladenovac, died 1996 in Belgrade/, married toDragoslav Draža Marković. Participated in the People’sLiberation War as one of the organizers of the partisanuprising in the District of Mladenovac, a member of theKosmaj Partisan Detachment. She was nicknamed Kika byher fellow partisans. After the liberation she was engagedin the socio-political activities. She was decorated by the1941 Commemorative Medal of Partisans, Order of thePeople’s Hero /1953/ and other decorations.

Dragoslav Draža Marković archives were transferred tothe Historical Archives of Belgrade in 2006. It comprisesof documents, notes and photographs which are relatedto the political and state functions of Dragoslav DražaMarković, his books, orders and other legacy, and hiswife’s archives.


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