World war II - Liberation of Belgrade


 At the beginning of September of 1944, organized preparations began for liberating Belgrade. In the strategies of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and the Red Army, Belgrade held a significant place.

Immediately prior to the liberation of Belgrade, the Germans were also preparing a plan for a systematic destruction of the city. With that goal in mind, they trained and deployed groups which were to mine the city and carry out assassinations throughout the city.

Technically very well equipped and numerous, the military forces of the Red Army and the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia tightened their encirclement around Belgrade from October 11 to the 14. The three-day long battles sent the Germans scattering across the Sava River. On October 20 the First Army Group, the First Proletariat Division with Russian cannons and equipment, along with the First Serbian Brigade, the Third Krajiska, Thirteenth Croatian and Eight Montenegrin Brigade set off and attacked the downtown area and Kalemegdan. The citizens were of great assistance, informing them where the German forces were concentrated. Battles were waged for each street and house. On October 20, Belgrade was liberated. Two days later, Zemun was also liberated.


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