Archives of Vicko Krstulović


Vicko Krstulović /born 1905 in Split, Croatia – died 1988 in Split/, worker, participant of the Workers’ movement in the prewar period, participant of the National Liberation War in Yugoslavia, member of the Communist Youth Organization since 1920, member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia since 1922 until he died. During the National Liberation War he was a member of the Presidency of the Anti-Fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Yugoslavia /AVNOJ/. He was meritorious for the creation of the free zone on the Vis Island. The first postwar minister of the interior of Croatia, Communist Party Secretary General since 1945, during the Vladimir Bakarić’s presiding the Croatian Government and Vladimir Nazor’s presiding Parliament of the Republic of Croatia. Acted as a President of the Presidency of Croatian Parliament 1952-1953, a Maritime minister of Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia / FNRJ/ , minister of work and social affairs of FNRJ. Rewarded with the National Hero Medal of the I order, a holder of the Partisan Star Medal.

The archival material, as a legacy of Vicko Krstulovic, was transferred to the Historical Archives of Belgrade by his son Vladimir Krstulović in 1993. The archives of Vicko Krstulović comprises his unpublished manuscripts Vicko Krstulović’s Narrations, notes, separate documents dated from the post-war period, correspondence, medals, photographs. A very rich library with some of the rare publications and the archives of his son Maksim comprise a part of his legacy, too.


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