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Online exhibition has been arranged in the occasion of celebrating 70 yaers from the establishment of the Historical Archives of Belgrade in September 2015. Authors of Internet presentation are thankful for assistance and useful suggestions provided by Slobodan Mandic, Snezana Lazic, Jelena Jovanovic and Srdjan Orestijevic.


The exhibition Belgrade through the Centuries – /XVI-XX Century/ was presented to public for the first time in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade in 2003. In September 2010 the exhibition was modified, modernized and completed by individual documents from the archival material recently received. (more details)

Within the cooperation between Historical Archives of Belgrade and Historical Archives of Ljubljana, the permanent exhibition has been modified and completed with a special segment named Slovenes in Belgrade. This exhibition was opened on April 9th 2013 in the City Hall of Ljubljana, then later on June 26th 2013 in Kopar and on February 11th 2014 in Maribor. (more details)


Impressum of exhibition and catalogue (from 2003)

Opening date: 18th April 2003, 16th September 16 2010.
Author: Branka Prpa, PhD
Authors of the catalogue and the exhibition: Branka Brankovic, Jovanka Veselinovic, Sonja Jerkovic, Olga Latincic, Evica Mickovic
Realization of the permanent exhibition: the employees of the Historical Archives of Belgrade
Visualization: engineer architect Bojana Đurović
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
Exhibition opened by: Nenad Bogdanović MA, the president of the Executive Council of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade in the presence of a large number of invited guests from the political, social and cultural milieu of the city


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